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Make Resellers Panel offerings more multilingual

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  • Make Resellers Panel offerings more multilingual

    Hi I have some suggestions/Feedback

    For context I'm using a WordPress store but using the advanced API to use the order form in other languages
    Firstly Feedback

    1. The translations for other languages in the control panel are incomplete:
    Whilst the majority of the control panel is ok, in some languages there are just simply parts that have not been translated. For example the VPN and DNSSEC pages and the new event Calandar does not of seemed to be of translated into anything other than English.

    ​​​​​​When the control panel is viewed in Dutch the descriptions of the features shown in the menu are shown in English

    There is too many examples to list, and there are many places where certain text in the control panel has not been translated from English


    1. Complete control panel translations

    2. After a new account has been created the set password screen seems to be only available in the default language the reseller sets. Personally I think it would make sense to add a language switcher to that page.
    For example if my store offers English and Russian languages and I have the default language set to English. If a new Russian client was to use the order form (that I have translated into Russian) they would then be greeted with the English set your account password screen which would probably result in the loss of a sale.

    ​​​​​​​3. It would be a good idea to translate emails relating to accounts so the client can understand them (not sure how you would go about doing this)
    4. Perhaps there should be an option for resellers to translate plan names into other languages