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OpenVZ VPS Hepsia CP load extremely slow

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  • OpenVZ VPS Hepsia CP load extremely slow

    I'm hosted in vps41725.

    Previously I was in enterprise shared hosting, then moved to semi-D 1 hosting, and now in vps41725.

    However, I encounter a big big issue in vps hepsia cp, cause it load extremely slow to me, where I never ever met it previously in shared and semi-D hosting.

    I know it's centralized into a server, but how come it's so slow and keep loading and I have to retry a lots of time then only able to do my jobs.

    What's wrong every time I asked the support and they replied to me that they have no any issue on their side.

    I get mad.

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    Hello wjleong,

    If you keep experiencing the issue even when the VPS is working on our end, just confirm in the ticket that the problem is not resolved on yours so we can assist you further. Also please be advised to not provide sensitive information on the forum as it is publicly accessible.

    In case you are still having problems with your VPS, please open a ticket or write in the ticket you have open regarding the matter if you have one.


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      which information is sensitive ????


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        Now it down like hell, all the php script return internal error 500.

        html file works normal.

        but my site 95% works with php, meanwhile my site down crazily.

        already 5 hours, still down... what the...


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          I checked your VPS and it seems like everything is working fine.
          Can you please give me a more specific example.
          Further more you have your Solus VM account so you could restart your VPS at any time if something has gone wrong with any of your processes.

          You do not have any managed services at all so there is no monitoring of your VPS either. So I am not quite sure what you are complaining about here... You do know if you have a problem you need to open a support ticket, so our technicians can have a look at your problem... even though you do not have any managed services purchased as I already stated.


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            Technical team told me that there is some issue with the PHP 5.2 and next week they will apply an upgrade or patch.

            And for the load slow, this time your tech team finally did something by reset the nameserver and it load better than previous.

            So, even I have solusvm I still can't do nothing for the php error from your end because I can't install or change anything as I'm using Hepsia CP.

            I complaint here because your previous agent told me nothing to do for the load as well as other problem but after complaining here, they did something and it show improvement.

            If you have time, please check the ticket id 334945 from the top until the bottom, you will see how unsatisfied I was.

            This is the big annoy for me since I uses your hosting services several years ago. I was in the heaven but now I hope not in the hell.