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  • Everything is GONE!!

    Since the update, nothing shows on my website except the KVM stuff! No shared plans, dedicated plans, semi-dedicated, etc... Plus my front page banner is gone. Even on the order form there is nothing but the KVM! Cant sell ANYTHING if there isnt anything to show and sell!!! On top of that, I cant even open a ticket anymore, cuz now it requires the domain. My store somehow ended up as a client of my reseller account, so it doesnt show that I even HAVE a domain, so I cant enter anything there and therefore cant submit a ticket. Also my site seems to run WAY slower than it did. Just very frustrated with the way this is all working out....

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    Ok figured out why nothing was listed. Somehow all my plans in my resellers panel, were switched to "not offered". So I changed that and now they show again. Still wonder how I can get around the submitting a ticket thing tho...


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      Hello Restless,

      The problem with the ticketing system in the reseller control panel has been resolved.

      You will now be able to open a support ticket from your reseller control panel without selecting a domain name.

      Best Regards,
      Cvetan Ivanov