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  • OVZ numproc limit exceeded

    Hello - I have an OVZ-5 server with about 25 websites running, most of which are Wordpress of course. The server is now crashing 2-4 times a day due to the "numproc" limit being exceeded. Processes from scripting are too excessive. Support has mentioned to optimize Wordpress. But, I thought this was a beastly package. Unlimited features and all kinds of good stuff but apparently only good enough to run about 25 sites? What good is unlimited hosted domains and 5TB of bandwidth if one can only run 25 sites?

    I know there are other factors obviously, but for the most part my issue is that these OVZ plans are only good for running a robust site or two. The features regarding unlimited this and that is bull.

    Am I missing something? Has anyone else had this problem?

    Just to clarify, my plan was to get a nice OVZ plan and migrate 95 websites to it. Upgrading to higher OVZ plans as necessary. But, it seems it is quite weak. I only have one site pulling any kind of traffic and it's nowhere near the limit.


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    Just a curious question Yav, would the offered unlimited cpanel reseller plans handle this many wordpress sites?


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      Originally posted by yav0r

      Considering each account (out of the 70 or 210 depending on the plan) has a 512MB ram limit I would say that you can have at least 70/210 wordpress sites in each without a problem.
      Right on, maybe webraven would consider one of those plans as a viable option to a vps. They are priced very reasonable.


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        Originally posted by yav0r

        Considering each account (out of the 70 or 210 depending on the plan) has a 512MB ram limit I would say that you can have at least 70/210 wordpress sites in each without a problem.
        Yav, will semi-dedicated server solve his problem too?


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          Hello Yav -

          You plan to migrate 100 websites (wordpress) on a VIRTUAL (that what V stands for in a VPS) ?! Yes you are missing something... wordpress consumes resources... a lot. I can see this may come as a shock to you but unlimited domains does not equal unlimited hardware resources... And if by a robust site or two you mean a poorly optimized websites with 20+ plugin each than yes that is what they are good for...

          I hear what you are saying. And, I understand this. I guess I just have a problem with the marketing of things. OVZ is virtual of course ... I get that. But, providers really love kicking out the rosy red picture of all the great features when really they should be straight up with it's customers. I don't ever see any of them mentioning anything about CPU cycles. Seems to me this is the most important thing to understand.

          I know Wordpress is a hog, especially when you get all those 3rd party plugins - and some are coded really badly making matters worse, but to have the OVZ-5 plan only work half decently with a handful of sites that don't pull any traffic, well that's just a shame. The OVZ plans offered are lame in my opinion, now with this in mind. I thought this virtualization product was groundbreaking. Doesn't seem so to me - after all. Unless they are throttling the CPU pretty hard on those plans. Crappy environment.

          When I asked support about the cpanel option as well. The answers I received pretty much told me they simply don't know. Low level support. In fact, the cpanel options are on shared environments as well. Back to the cycle issue. Probably, they have more alotted to those packages than the crappy OVZ plans. But, who the hell knows since they don't offer up any relative guidance on the matter.

          I've been doing this a long time. I just thought I was on to something. Truth is ... you need a dedicated box or some serious cloud provider like LiquidWeb ... recently purchased Rackspace's Cloud Sites division. I have a couple of accounts with them.

          If you have a real solution that isn't beaten up through the mill already ... you know ... some fresh insight on how to get some really good hosting at a good price, please shed some light as I'd be interested to learn about this.



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            Are you using hepsia?

            If so Maybe you should try WHM / Cpanel on your OVZ-05. Hepsia is a great control panel, Easiest to use control panel all hands down and RSP has done a fine job developing and refining it over the years. Reason I suggest this with cpanel installed you have direct access to WHM which you do not using hepsia, even using a vps. From WHM you can fine tune all kinds of stuff including such things as ram usage per individual sub account. Using the hepsia control panel and adding 100 domains to it is like adding 100 domains to 1 sub account under whm / cpanel. Those 100 websites will use every resource available to that one sub account. Thing is with hepsia you do not have access to the actual WHM to fine tune anything or create actual sub accounts under it. The only way you can come close to that is to purchase individual shared hepsia accounts, (correct me if I am wrong yav) yav has already stated above that what you are doing will work on the cpanel reseller plans because on the cpanel reseller plans each sub account created under their cpanel reseller plans is limited to 512mb of ram. Using that math OVZ-05 gives you 5gb of ram which gives you 10 functional sub accounts if u are using whm/cpanel. U can modify ram usage for sub accounts so you can probably cut that in half or more and double or triple the wp sites you are hosting on OVZ-05 with no major headaches as long as you are not outlandish with plugins per site.

            I already know what one of the things you are going to say is so....


            Just a curious question,

            I've recently hosted on a vps at a host provider with a reputable reputation, not a fly by night.
            How come WHM / Cpanel is free (included with the monthly price, not free lol) with this company on a $40/mo vps? Sending you a pm on this right now I dont want to start a forum war again
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