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  • Modify copyright info in footer? - Wordpress reseller site

    Is there a function in the plugin or theme to modify the copyright information and payment logos (or add other information) to the footer RSP WP themes?

    I can't find a function for this but I want to make sure before I go and modify files directly.


    EDIT: ooops. I posted to the wrong forum section. Please move to Wordpress section.
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    In WPadmin under appearance - theme options you can modify the copyright. I never have investigated changing the payment logos, as truthfully, you cant add nor subtract payment options unless you move to using the full reseller API. Im sure you could do it with some custom coding though.


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      I found that "Theme Options" function last night after I made this post, but it doesn't work for me. When I put my own text in the field where the custom copyright text goes, then hit save, no changes are made to the default copyright text on the site. So I tried to following...
      • I setup a test store on another domain with the same WP theme (PHP Hosting theme) and no other plugins besides RP plugin and I still can't get the copyright text to change using the "Theme Options" function.
      • Tried another browser (Chrome - my main browser is Firefox), and still no changes visible.
      • I tried deleting browser cache - no luck.
      • Tried using the "Delete cache and refresh account info" function in the RP plugin and still no luck.
      • Tried wrapping my custom text inside various tags like div, span, html, etc. - still no luck.
      • I tried using 3 other themes on this test store (Feature Hosting, Contrast, and Hosting Zen themes), and it still does not work on any of these themes either.

      I know I can just change the copyright text in the footer.php file but changing file contents is always my last resort. I'd like to figure out if this "Theme Options" function is supposed to work or not first. Right now, I'm beginning to think this function is not actually a working function.

      Can you (and anyone else) confirm that this "Theme Options" function actually works for them?


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        I cant. I've not tried to modify it. Has a white label branding plus includes all contact info and auto increments copyright years. why mess with it?


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          One reason I want to modify the footer into is to put my own phone # there. I am heavily modding my site to be almost 100% unique from the bazillion RP reseller sites out there.

          I'll just modify the footer.php file.



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            This reason right here is why I'd like to see a version of the reseller plugin that just used short codes for primary reseller functions and didn't include any of the CSS formating and images for the existing reseller themes. A more advanced reseller could place the short codes anywhere they wish on any WordPress theme they wish, add their own content and presto they in business with their own 100% custom site..

            I made the suggestion in the forum for this but didn't get much response for it.


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              I think if you look closely at any RP WP theme, you could modify just about any other non-RP theme to use the RP plugin. But it will be just as much work as heavily modding an RP theme.

              You'd be better off using the API if you know how.

              As far as CSS, I mod CSS using Child Theme Configuration plugin. It's not the most user friendly plugin, but I have grown used to it. Creating a child theme is a must for heavy modding and this plugin makes modding the CSS a little less of a chore. Of course, you need to use FF or Chrome to see what CSS selector a given element uses in order to actually modify it, but that's easy.

              Unfortunately using a child theme only protects you from changes made to the RP theme, not the plugin. As far as I know, there's no way to make a "child plugin" lol. From what I am seeing, the plugin is what has most, if not all, of the page content and some of it isn't even able to be modded because it appears to come directly from RP servers. For instance, the terms and conditions cannot be modded. Apparently the terms and conditions content is pulled from RP's servers. Not that I want to mod the terms, but it's just one example of content that I have not found any file that actually contains the content. The only thing that mugs me about the T&C is that it contains Liqudnet's name and address.

              So in a case where you want to mod content of a page that is apparently residing on RP servers (or some other way that you can;t easily mod or mod it at all) the solution would be to copy the text as you see it on the screen and paste it to a new page and mod it. Delete the old page and use your own page with your modded content.
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                There are other things you can mod with the plugin. clivejo did some fantastic work on my site many a moon ago. When you were on the wordpress hosting page for example any plan you ordered also selected wordpress for the default script to install automatically. after ordering. Here is the thread. there are some neat hacks you can do with the orderform but keep in mind if do these hacks you will have to do some manual price updating.