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offline chat image not showing up

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  • offline chat image not showing up

    Hi everyone !

    I have an error with the chat images not displaying in the header at all, with wordpress.
    I've searched the forums but could not find another related topic.
    Also i already submitted a ticket for that very bug, and we together with the support tried multiple things without success.
    With different themes same problem, reinstalling the rsp plugin same problem, located the image files on the server are present with the right chmod permissions, .htaccess is also correct.

    As i understand this it appears the image in the header is executing a php function calling an outside script.
    For some reason my hosting is not answering me (free hosting) since a week for this very problem, but i found an error log on my server:

    "client denied by server configuration: /home/vol9_8/"

    So i'm stuck with this very problem which breaks the look of my website.

    Is there somoene here in the forums who already had this same problem, and found a fix, workaround ?

    Thanks you all !!!

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    most hosts do not allow outgoing connections as a security feature. It its a free hosting they may not have the ability to disable it for you. For example our hosting plans have a special menu where you can disable the filter, or ban/allow specific IPs etc. I am not saying you should host it with us but I am actually saying it By all means wait till the hosting provider tells you if that is or isn't possible though.


    • vincebomb
      vincebomb commented
      Editing a comment
      thanks for your response, i will try to find another free hosting for now, as i have no money to pay a hosting, i know it has to do with my free hosting limiting some features in cpanel, because i can only ban IP's not blanklist one.
      Later i will pay for a better hosting like you, but i can't for now.

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    I'll recommend it to him YAV cant go wrong! Vince, just curious. You do realize you can purchase a DNS cluster from RSP for $20 a year and that includes a full blown free hosting account for your reseller site right? That's like a 1.67 cents a month broken down. My .NET domain and my DNS cluster with rsp's free reseller hosting combined is $29 a year. Its really a good deal when you get where u can afford it. U get branded subdomain links for customer account login webmail login and control panel demos too along with ns1 through 4 private nameservers. you cant beat the deal, a cpanel reseller account large enough to be competitive will cost you more than that a month..