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Free Trial Question (no, this is NOT a rant - lol)

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  • Free Trial Question (no, this is NOT a rant - lol)

    I see that some pages on the WP templates say both "30 Days Free trial" and "30 Day MBG".

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    So how does that work? If a free trial customer pays for his hosting account on day 29, does that mean he has 1 day left on the MBG, or does the 30-day MBG start on the day he pays for the hosting account, even if he used up 29 days on the 30 day trial?

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    No from what I understand there is an extra 30 day MBG applied. Cant really be a MBG on a free hosting trial. Day the customer pays for the plan is the day the 30 day MBG takes effect. What I am gathering from what I read.


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      That's what I think I read on another thread from another forum member (not RP themselves) - that the 30day MGB starts when the hosting account is purchased (which makes sense, of course). So I was hoping to get a the skinny right from the mouth of RP. I'm making a FAQ page on my site about how the Free trial and MBG works.


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        Thanks for the confirmation, Yav!