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Has the price manager changed?

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  • Has the price manager changed?

    I believe in the past I used the price manager in order to generate the prices seen by the customer on my website. For example, if I want an average profit of 10% and round the amount to the nearest whole unit of currency.

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    But for some reason this is now only applying to the profit, rather than the retail price. I don't understand the logic of wanting a uniform profit? Surely resellers are more interested about the price actually displayed on their store looking right than the amount of actual profit they get?

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    Uniform profit is an easier way to manage pricing rather than trying to manage every product individually. As in the example above if u want to increase profit 2% off each domain U just click a button and done. BUT that way is not trying to compete with competitor pricing. I also set my prices individually to try to come close to competitors. Have to do that tld by tld I'm afraid and its time consuming.
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      I understand that, and can see the use of the tool for managing prices en masse. But what i don't understand is why round the profit, rather than the "display" price? A lot of people will want the display price to be rounded for example, a domain for $10.99. I don't understand how rounding the profit is useful?