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    Originally posted by Nova-Host View Post
    I wasn't going to say anything, but congratulations to Index, you've enraged me enough to say what I have to say. I fully blame Index for this. If you had just not pushed and pushed, then our one and only source of information on this forum would not be leaving us. Donerite asked kindly to let the matter drop in public and deal with it via PM or however else but no, you had to have your way anyway and have a fight in public, and now you have on your own gone and screwed the ENTIRE FORUM COMMUNITY over. Thanks to you, Index, we now no longer have anyone willing to provide news to us on the forums. Thanks to you, the forums are now effectively dead. So Index, thanks for screwing everyone over, we all really appreciate it. If anyone has lost all credibility in not only this thread (like you said yav0r has, which he hasn't, but then why should you care seeing as you just effectively killed off the forum), but the entire community, it is YOU, Index, who has lost that credibility in my eyes, and probably the rest of the community as well. So one last time, thank you Index for ruining it for everyone.

    This last bit I address to Yav0r. I am indeed quite sorry that it has come to this. I stayed out of it because I didn't want to get into a ******* match over WHOIS Information. In my opinion this ******* match shouldn't even have continued had Index listened to Donerite and finished this whole thing via PM, or rather anywhere really other than in the public visible areas of the forum. He instead chose not to, and now we have this result. It shows very poor judgement and responsibility, I think, on Index's part. Yes, he has been until now a great member of the community, and I've always valued his and everyone else's input, but after today, I think his input should no longer be required since he decided to devolve this whole thing into a ******* match. In any case, yav0r, I am very sorry that this has come to pass, and I do wish it could have been avoided, but it seems this is what we are now left with thanks to Index. I hope to still be able to chat with you at least via support tickets and whatnot, though.

    Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. If it gets me in trouble with the mods, so be it, I've said my peace and that's at this point all I wanted to do here. Have a great rest of your morning/afternoon/evening/night/etc.
    I'm not sure where to start with my reply to your post Nova, having also respected your forum contributions over the years. While I of course reject any of your accusations levelled at me, I do acknowledge your right to post them.

    I guess I'll start with how you can form such a strong and misinformed judgement on a thread where so much of the content in question has been deleted. If the deleted posts were still there you would see that I did not initiate the 'public fight', as you put it mate. I merely replied to posts I strongly disagreed with, just like you are doing now - which of course has initiated this reply.

    And like your post my replies were indeed strongly worded, but at all times were kept quite civil unlike the posts I was responding to - which of course you now cannot see.

    Yes it was suggested I 'let it go' because it might result in a loss of info to the forum and as you will see in the thread, at one point, I did suggest that. But it didn't stop further posts, none of which were initiated by me, that needed addressing because of their inaccuracies made in open forum.

    At one point there was a lull in the thread for over 3 days and I thought it had come to an end - but the very person who had asked me to 'let it go' created a post to ask publicly what he had missed - which only served to reignite it.

    There is also a certain irony when members who advocate the use of PM's in these situations over public posts, for the so called benefit of the forum - when they themselves opt to go public.

    Of course, the way the thread developed is regrettable as I said in an earlier reply when I tried yet again to end the thread by acknowledging yav0r's past valued forum contributions and wishing him all the best for the future, as he did me.

    But we all have our own way of dealing with what I considered to be bullyish behaviour. I'm not suggesting my way is the only way, but I don't tolerate it and I choose to meet it head on, no matter where it occurs, rather than some who choose to put up with it and privately complain about it in PM's behind the scenes, which only allows it to continue.

    And unlike yourself and yav0r I have never asked anyone to leave the forum or suggest the mods remove them for simply expressing their point of view as long as it is in a civil and respectful manner, no matter how strong that point of view maybe. But if this does occur, so be it, while I don't agree the forum is 'dead' as you suggest - it does seem very unwell with a very poor prognosis, unless attitudes change.

    Anyway, I will take this opportunity to also wish you the very best for the future, since I guess I will no longer be on your Christmas list . Lets see if this now ends this thread which I think everyone wants, including me and members can feel free to PM me anytime if they wish to do so.


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      I have been purposely ignoring this thread due to the way it totally disintegrated into a "blame game", and I just couldn't get the energy to post a reply. But after some Dutch courage aka I wanted to voice my disappointment.

      Now let me be very clear, the blame for this mess is purely at the door of the European Commission and the GDPR and I personally have had my fill of it. I have spent most of the last week trying to talk to the most unhelpful people imaginable after the death of my uncle, who had given permission for me to speak to them on his behalf. But because that permission was before the 25th May, the new GDPR makes that null and void and logically with him being dead and all he can't reconfirm that permission, so it is all a FECKING mess !! Meanwhile they are robbing money from his bank account!

      Anyway, I was looking to the forum for suggestions on how to regain control of my business whilst still complying with these ridiculous laws being spewed out of Brussels.

      Most of my clients do not log into or manage the hosting account at all. They pay me for a "package" directly which includes looking after their site, domains, emails etc and I pay for the services via my reseller wallet. Previously, I have done this via the resellers panel logged in as reseller and I could access their account and manage it on their behalf. Now due to the GDPR I am unable to do that and I need to adapt my business model to this legislation.

      In my original post I was actually talking about my domains, as I have a hosting account I keep domains I actually own (personal, business, hobby's etc). Historically, I also managed these via the resellerspanel, but found that even though I own them, I still can't see them via reseller mode.

      I seem to remember a plan which gave a free eNom account, have these been discontinued?

      PS: I don't want any negative feedback on this thread and I WILL delete replies which I consider to be blaming or being disrespectful to RSP, their staff or policies. Let's try and make the best of a bad situation which none of us can change.


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        Hey Clive sorry hear of your troubles, hope you find a resolution. Rsp's cpanel reseller plans offers a free enom account.


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          I am pretty sure they'll provide you with the free eNom reseller account, if you send a ticket. Another alternative to that would be the resellerclub domain reseller service, which is pretty neat

          btw, hope you guys are doing well!