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    Once you install let's encrypt shouldn't it show up on the address bar as https// or is it just that my browser doesn't show it? When I enter one of my sites I keep getting a "not secure" message

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    When you install an SSL Let's Encrypt you should be able to access your website via HTTPs in a couple of minutes. Should you have any problems along the way you can always open a support ticket and we can assist you.

    Best Regards,
    Darien Menethil
    Technical Support Department.


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      Some browsers will display the page as "not secure" if the page in question contains resources from a non https URL. For example, your main index page has an image, some browsers then downgrade the entire page to not secure because of this. I have also seen it do it for JavaScript pulled in from 3rd party sites. If you change all the URL's to point to https:// instead, it should resolve the issue and you should see the green padlock and show the site as secure.

      There are also online tools, such as which can shed some light as to why the page is downgraded to not secure