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Will "Brexit" affect UK/EU resellers?

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  • Will "Brexit" affect UK/EU resellers?

    With only 50 days to the 29th March 2019 and no agreement in place for the smooth exit of the UK from the EU, how will this affect resellers from the UK?

    I know currently that your registered office is in the UK, are there any plans to change that?

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    And, how will it affect those of us who do not operate from the UK?


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      As a US reseller I am not even that familiar with Brexit or how it impacted the industry. Clivejo can you share some info on how it impacted UK based webhosts? Did it have impacts on billing from UK based hosts? I'm just curious about the negative/positive impacts that may have effects all of us long term that are using RSP.


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        Brexit(fake word the media made up to explain it to the general public) means the UK leaving the EU, which was a bloc of 28 countries/member states(now 27). The EU have a lot of laws known as Directives and Regulations which have been very restrictive, for example the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There have been incidents in the USA which have shown the US to not be upholding these "laws" and in October 2015, following a court decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), the safe harbor agreement between the EU and US was declared invalid on the grounds that the US was not supplying an equally adequate level of protection against surveillance for data being transferred there.

        Brexit has now been dragged out for years longer than it was supposed to take, and currently set to happen on the 1st January 2021. The GDPR is the law behind the reseller client login being severely limited in what a reseller can do (I used to be able to log in and manage my clients account for them, fix problems etc) all of which now is not possible to do. My fear is that the ECJ rule that the UK is not a safe habor country. There is talk about Northern Ireland staying in the customs union and single market which could make my life very difficult as I have clients in Ireland, Northern Ireland and mainland Britain.

        Also RSP is registered in London, so I am wondering how that will work next year if no agreements are put in place.
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          I don't think that it is any surprise that most of us seem to manage some client websites to at least some extent. Not being able to access accounts (the parts that matter, at least) makes this a headache to do and you have to hope that you can keep their account information written somewhere.

          If the UK is labelled as not a safe harbor country what does that mean for RSP clients in other EU countries? How has/will this effect USA based clients (where my clients are located)?

          This has me debating on buying a cPanel reseller somewhere and slowly transitioning over. I don't think that any of us like the uncertainty.

          Do the GDPR restrictions effect the cPanel resellers with RSP or are we able to access the files in cPanel through this?
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            I actually think it will affect everyone, and surely not in the best way.


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              Originally posted by Amanson View Post
              I actually think it will affect everyone, and surely not in the best way.
              That seems to be a given, but it would be nice to have input from RP about this before that time to know what plans are in place and what effect it will have on resellers.


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                I guess they are in "wait and see mode". With both the UK and EU playing silly beggars, it's pure speculation on what will happen on the 1st Jan 2021. The media do what they do best, speculate, dramatise and whip everyone up into a frenzy! Just look at them over a potential vaccine, they are already debating/dictating how it should be distributed!!