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Extracting Content from VMDK Files

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  • Extracting Content from VMDK Files

    I find myself needing access to the contents of a VM’s virtual disk (VMDK), can anybody help me?

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    I find myself wondering why you would need to know this, as a RSP reseller and there being lots of information on this by doing a quick search using your favourite search engine. Then I find your username listed on a known spammers list, so you are the weakest link, good bye!!
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      Wait, wait, wait, this guy has registered his account to ask this dumb question?! Honestly, I do not understand why someone would actually need the contents of a VM’s virtual disk, but it is effortless to find them actually. Just as you said, you only need to google it to see all the information you really need. Moreover, you can also do that using digital vault software. At least, that is what my brother told me. He had a very annoying customer who also needs access to a VM’s virtual disk contents, and my bro advised him to use such a soft.
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