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A new Mini cPanel plan for startup businesses

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  • A new Mini cPanel plan for startup businesses

    A new Mini cPanel plan for startup businesses

    We have launched a new cPanel hosting plan for the sake of resellers who want to start their own business with a minimum of investment on their part.

    The new Mini cPanel plan will help you get into the cPanel business with a smaller amount of resources and an affordable budget until you work out your business concept and choose the market you will be targeting.

    Despite its name, the Mini plan will get you started with a decent amount of disk space and monthly traffic, which you can distribute between 15 clients effectively.

    Here is a short overview of the plan features:

    As with the other plans, you will be able to choose whether to sign up in the USA or in the UK, depending on the location of your potential customers.
    After you sign up for the Mini plan, you will be able to easily upgrade to a more powerful cPanel configuration with a click, as your business grows.

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    I saw this on the RSP blog a few days ago. I used to have a cPanel account, but gave up on it after a few months of tinkering with the WHM and not getting the results I wanted. Still, it's nice to know there's a cheaper option out there should I ever want to give it another go.


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      Yes it was on the blog a few days and I didn’t notice it!! Thought it might be of interest to few of the other forum members.

      What results were you looking for?


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        Well I wanted to make plans that had unlimited space and bandwidth, but found I couldn't do that, and if I could, I sure couldn't find out how, and trust me I looked, lol. That plus I found out to sell the domains, I had to deposit money into an enom account, and I wasn't anywhere near willing to do that.


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          Originally posted by Nova-Host View Post
          Well I wanted to make plans that had unlimited space and bandwidth
          - You can do that only if your cPanel Reseller account is not limited in resources.

          We have an idea of launching a plan that will allow unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, however it will be more expensive then all the other plans we offer.

          Originally posted by Nova-Host View Post
          I found out to sell the domains, I had to deposit money into an enom account
          - Yes, this is correct and cannot be avoided.

          You need to have funded reseller account with any Domain Registrar, so you could configure it in the billing software you are going to use for the cPanel program.

          Let me know if I can assist further?

          Best Regards,


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            Truly unlimited plans are not possible. Its just an illusion governed by a "Fair Usage Policy" which actually defines limits, therefore the plan is actually limited! Pretty good deal in my own opinion, even if you divide the plan into 15 equal plans, and split the price by 15 that's only 67cents per month or $8 a year wholesale. Nice opportunity to make some money there!


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              Tom, I thought RSP was now a domain registrar itself? Why not link the domain registration services to RSP's for the cPanel accounts?

              To clarify, I'm suggesting that RSP, instead of using enom as the domain registrar for cpanel plan,s just simply use your own service, and make it so it connects to the wallet. That way, cpanel reselelrs who are already in the free program can use RSP's domain registration services instead of enom. True, you would still probably have to fund the wallet, but it's a step in the right direction, I think.
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              • doneritehosting
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                Well some sort of domain reseller login similar to enom could be setup with the same services | ssl, basic email, etc.. so all cpanel users could take advantage of it.

              • Nova-Host
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                Thats about where my line of thinking was taking me.

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              Kinda figured that Nova It just needs to be a standalone feature for cpanel...


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                Yes, that's what I was getting at. Hopefully we can hear what RSP has to say about it, and maybe even get it implemented in time.