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RAM upgrade quotas for VPSs have been quadrupled

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  • RAM upgrade quotas for VPSs have been quadrupled

    Sufficient memory resources are of key importance in managing a VPS flawlessly. All our Virtual Private Servers offer guaranteed RAM allocations for your dynamic sites and applications.
    Those of you who need more resources atop their current allocations can now take advantage of the new, significantly more resource-filled, yet identically priced monthly quotas.

    What are the new RAM quota parameters?

    Starting from today, you’ll be able to get a minimum of 512 MB of guaranteed monthly RAM for your virtual machine.
    Up until now, the minimum amount has been 128 MB. You can now get 4 times as much (4×128) for the same price.
    From now on, you’ll be able to upgrade your RAM to 1 GB (2×512 MB) and 1.5 GB (3×512 MB) for the same price you would have had to pay for 256 MB and 384 MB, respectively.
    Here are the new RAM quota allocations as they will appear in the order form:

    Will the new quotas affect clients with existing upgrades?

    If you or your customers have already purchased a RAM upgrade, you will have your quotas updated accordingly at the time of renewal.
    For example, those of you who have purchased a 128 MB upgrade for your VPS will get 512 MB instead in the beginning of the next subscription month.
    The newly refreshed RAM quotas will make your Virtual Private Servers more scalable and will give your customers more flexibility in running their dynamic applications.

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