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A new remote Plan Table Form added to the Reseller Control Panel

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  • A new remote Plan Table Form added to the Reseller Control Panel

    Remote forms are a smart way for resellers to connect their custom-made stores with our reseller hosting system. Apart from the domain search form and the order form, now you can integrate plan feature tables for all hosting products into your custom store. The new remote plan tables form have a short and a long version. They represent a flexible way to quickly cull all product features (including the respective tooltips) from our system and display them on your custom store pages.

    What is the new Remote Plan Table form about?

    The Remote Plan Table form is a piece of code that will allow you to easily display all the features of the web hosting plans that you are offering on your custom store. Just like with the domain search form and the order form, there is no need for you to write any code yourself.
    The plan tables offer customizable CSS options through which you can synchronize their design with the look & feel of your store.

    How can I make use of the remote plan tables?

    You can find the remote plan tables in the Reseller Tools section of your Reseller Control Panel:

    You will be presented with a form where you should specify your preferences so that our system will know how to configure your plan tables.
    First, you will need to select the store that you want to get the plan form for and then to specify the web hosting service whose characteristics will be displayed in the table (you can choose between web hosting plans, OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers, KVM plans, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers).

    You will also be able to select between a short and a long version of the plan table:

    The short version features the basic plan features like space, traffic, databases, email accounts, guarantees, etc., while the long one will display all the features of the given plans. It’s important to know that the plan table script needs jQuery to function properly. If you use jQuery on your site, you will need to uncheck the ‘Include jQuery’ checkbox under JS library:

    In case your website does not use jQuery, you should leave the checkbox as it is.
    In the CSS library area, you will be able to define a style for the plan table:

    You can apply a style pattern to the background of the table, the text color, the background of the plan names, the order button, etc.
    If you use frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation v6.2.3, just check the respective checkbox for the relevant styles to apply.
    Next, you’ll be able to set the ID for the container where the plan table will be located within your custom store.

    Finally, you will need to specify the name of the Order button and the URL of the order page where your customers will be directed to complete a purchase.

    If you leave the Order Form URL field empty, your customers will be redirected to the default order page (
    When you are done with your settings, you can copy the HTML code of the plan table form and paste it onto your custom store:

    The new remote plan table form offers an almost instant solution for integrating the technical characteristics of your services into your custom-built web hosting store.
    We’re also working on new versions of the domain search form, so stay tuned for more updates on this matter.

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    This is awesome. Been waiting a long while for something like this. However, I have already encountered two problems, both for the shared hosting tables.

    1. If you have the free domain offer active for any or all of your plans, it does not reflect that anywhere on the table (I looked at the whole feature list slowly, TWICE, to be sure).

    2. Seeing as shared hosting is not billed on a monthly basis, one would think the annual price for each plan would be visible. However, said annual prices for shared hosting are nowhere to be seen. Would be nice if that could be included at some point. I mean I have a disclaimer that says shared hosting is billed annually on my store, but it'd be nice to see the annual prices before clicking the order button on the plan table.


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      I know you working hard on that new site Nova, hope this gets resolved soon. Beats the <blank> out of building the tables and content from scratch lol...


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        Yeah I know. I spent hours building the tables that were there from scratch, LOL!


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          Some suggestions from me.

          1. Give us the option to choose which plans we want to show. (If it's possible).
          2. Features Info (Tooltip). (Example:
          3. Show Annual Price.
          4. Show Free Domain Info where it's needed.
          5. Information About Coupon Codes. For Example, If there is a coupon code available write something like "Coupon Code: Available" - Tooltip: "There is a Discount Coupon available for this Plan. Please visit our "Special Offers" page to get your code".

          I see some dash "
          " What are those? Am I doing something wrong? :P


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            Hello guys,

            I am happy to see that you are more than active in this subject.

            Just a quick update from our developers:

            - the free domain offer is added as feature in the remote Plan Table Form;
            - the annual prices were also added;
            - the "dash" bug mentioned from WnD is also fixed;
            - Tooltips and Coupons - coming soon;

            At this point it will not be possible to select which plans to show in the table. All active and offered plans from the reseller control panel will be shown.

            If you have made any changes to your hosting offers in your reseller control panel and you do not see them in the remote form, you should delete the cache from the "Quick Template Update" button at the top of your reseller control panel.

            Best Regards,
            Cvetan Ivanov


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              That's great c.ivanov!
              Thank you!


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                Today i added some Plan Tables to my website except OpenVZ VPS & Dedicated Servers forms.
                The problem with them is that they are really really big cause of servers numbers and they don't fit in any page.

                Can you make both Dedicated Servers & OpenVZ VPS Plan Tables like this here?: http://squarehost.reseller-hosting-t...web-hosting-2/
                Also, what about Tooltips and Coupons? x)

                Thank you.
                Ps. I know that Plan Tables are in beta, I'm just saying.


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                  Our developers are aware of this problem but they are currently working on other projects so I am not able to give you an ETA when it will be fixed.

                  Best Regards,
                  Cvetan Ivanov


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                    Originally posted by c.ivanov View Post

                    Our developers are aware of this problem but they are currently working on other projects so I am not able to give you an ETA when it will be fixed.

                    Best Regards,
                    Cvetan Ivanov

                    Ok, thank you!