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Using your private Name Servers (DNS)

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  • Using your private Name Servers (DNS)

    ResellersPanel provides private DNS for all resellers using the cPanel reseller program.

    If your have registered a domain name during the ordering process, we will register those Name Servers for you.

    If you have ordered using an existing domain name that is not registered through us you must register your Name Servers prior using them with domain names. Otherwise you won't be able to use them, because they do not exist.
    You can do this from your domain name registrar. Go and log into your account with them. Look for an option called "Register Name Servers" , "Name Servers Registration" or "DNS registration"
    If your domain name registrar does not have that option, contact them via E-mail.
    They should be able to register your private Name Servers. Most domain name registrars do that free of charge. Use the names & IPs that you have in your "ResellersPanel cPanel Program :: Login Information" E-mail.
    For example, if the domain name in your Master Account is, your Name Servers would look like:

    (names) (IPs) / /

    Use those names & IPs to register your private Name Servers

    (This is just an example, refer to your Welcome E-mail for precise information)

    In case your domain name registrar declines to register those Name Servers for you, you can
    transfer the domain name to us, and we will register those Name Servesr for you.

    ! We strongly recommend you to use your private Name Servers instead of ours !
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    Can RSP handle all TLD's now, or still the same set as supported by eNom?



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      Precise information?

      Are these the actual DNS server IP addresses that we should use?


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        Why do you strongly recemmend

        Why do you strongly recemmend that we NOT use your DNS servers?


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          nameservers, host not found

          I have a cpanel reseller package and my domain is registered elsewhere. I have entered my reseller nameservers as the nameservers for my site.

          Don't I need entries in the DNS record as well? I don't have access to my own DNS record in the WHM.



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            How to edit my own DNS entry


            I have purchased a cpanel resellers package but do not see my own dns entry, for

            How can I edit that entry?

            I want to add my nameserver entries


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              You will now need to create the name servers at the place you registered your domain from.To use your own nameservers,you must register them with your domain name registrar.Most people use reseller hosting to sell webhosting so their clients want to see their WHOIS information.You must know the the IP addresses you wish to use for your nameservers prior to registering them.If your IP is correct you have to check that your HTTP Server receive correctly the packets.