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  • is one of the world's slowest loading websites

    Dear Forum members and Forum Management,

    My plan is to become a CPanel reseller and recruit a lot of new affiliates. However, because of the below message, I'm now doubting if that's a good idea.

    I would like to inform the owners, developers, management team and the forum manager of ResellersPanel that is one of the slowest loading websites that I know of. Why is that?

    Doesn't that cause a lot of missed income for ResellersPanel, especially because this makes it much more difficult for resellers to recruit affiliates?

    Potential affiliates confronted with a very slow site will quickly run away from it, isn't it?

    You can check it on

    The result is shocking.

    Let's share our opinions about this and help ResellersPanel to make the fastest loading web site so that both the company and its partners can benefit from it!

    Any positive contribution to this post is welcome! Thanks!

    8 is one of the world's slowest loading websites
    1 is one of the world's fastest loading websites
    0 has an acceptable load time

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    Well, for me there are two things that can happen.
    1. I have not noticed because I love them (RSP).
    2. Google is lying.
    I'm pretty sure is number 2. x)


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      depend on your current ips route, if you change to google dns you will notice rsp load very fast.


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        Hello, currently has a pretty good loading time. Its design was recently completely changed and I can assure you that our developers are also currently working on improving its performance even more.

        Best Regards,
        Cvetan Ivanov


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          Google has some strange metrics on what makes a site fast or not. Therefore it is important to note that Google Pagespeed is a robot and calculates results based on algorithms. Google may think it knows better (like in rural areas when it directs people onto dirt tracks as a short cut, who then get stuck or horribly lost), but many times Google is proved to be wrong!

          As a human I can go to any website and judge for myself what is slow or not, and in over ten years being with RSP, I've never once thought "hummmm this site is slow".

          I also note that out of 5 people who have voted, you are the only person who said " is one of the world's slowest loading websites". What evidence, bar a computer algorithm, do you have to backup that opinion?


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            Clivejo, I agree. Google has a lot of good web services, but measuring site speed is currently not one of them. I tend to use Pingdom and GTmetrix to analyze site speed. There are a lot of "components" that make up overall "site speed."

            I took a quick look and seems to load perfectly fine to me. In fact, RSP is faster than most sites I've come across.

            That being said, I've often wondered what is "RSP take" on all the CDN services being offered these days. Is a CDN service a product offering RSP would be interested in offering (allowing us to resell as well) in addition to their hosting services. Or do you believe it's best to just focus on hosting services and leave the CDN business to others?


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              Good question bigtime.php

              I would be interested in hearing the answers to these questions too


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                What is CDN?


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                  I would recommend changing the topic's title...
                  martinaromano - are you a member of a "rival" company trying to ruin RSP's business with that stupid title?
                  If you'd understand a bit of web design and how things work, you would know that the only useful recommendation would be for RSP to Enable compression:
                  Compressing could save 254.5KiB (70% reduction)
                  !#$#$^%%^&^(&(*)*(this is cursing)
                  EDIT: still got it
                  EDIT 2: iads CDN is a content delivery network, such as CloudFlare
                  Learn how a CDN powers the modern web by delivering content to web pages from regional data centers. Read more with our definition.
                  Last edited by Tom Alexander; 07-11-2015, 09:36 AM.


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                    The first thing I did was to look up the posters IP and the stupid ***** posted from an IP from a rival hosting company.

                    I have considered changing the title and even deleting the post, but I believe it serves to highlight how pathetic and feeble these people are. But there's an old saying "Give 'em enough rope, and they'll hang themselves"

                    Now I dont want to give this company any kind of mention, so that it can benefit from blackhat SEO. (again another Google algorithm which rewards sites for being mentioned on other websites) But for those who are interested you can lookup the IP ( )

                    EDIT: On further investigation the IP may also resolve to so whoever is behind the original post, we may never know!

                    They are coming on to a rival companies forum and making false accusations, trying to stir up trouble! I wouldn't go near your company with a barge pole! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC !!!

                    ===> However, back to an interesting topic, do RSP have any plans for a CDN service we can resell?
                    Last edited by clivejo; 07-11-2015, 10:39 AM.


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                      Yav, I think a CDN is fairly important for overall site speed and to be able to scale your site much easier over time. I think on your platform if RSP were to integrate a CDN where the set up and settings is managed within the Hepsia CP it would prove to be very popular on your platform. Just make sure it would work well with Wordpress as well. Until then, I have to recommend clients to Keycdn, but I'd much rather be able to offer a CDN service directly to clients as a RSP reseller.

                      I look forward to when you guys eventually get it going ( I know you guys are working hard) - just make sure it plays nice with Wordpress etc.....(maybe even come out with your own Wordpress plugin) and integrated within Hepsia.