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  • Reseller business for sale

    Hi, i have been a reseller for a while now and i want to persue a different business, my website has made over $ USD 20,000 in sales since i started, there are approx 19 active customers and $227 in profits accumulated in the control panel , i intend to leave the current profit in for the buyer. With 4 renewals coming up.

    Im selling 3 businesses, the main one is and a new store,, and the third is which this do.ain is worth over $ USD 10,000

    If your interested in these businesses for $ USD 3,500 , please contact me, once payment has been made for these stores i will send the login details of the control panel. Alsl i will transfer all domains into rsp control panel.

    Regards Robert.

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    I think that you already sold your business. If not then contact me in PM, I have a few questions. I own a small clothing shop, and I would like to open a site, an online clothing shop. I want to move because for me it's very anxious to work with all papers. Recently, a friend of mine advised me to use software that is based on <spamming forums and getting my backside kicked off>. It's a good helper that I use every day. This platform is searching through my documents for all the necessary info I need.
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      Why not create your own business instead of just looking for other people businesses to buy?


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        LOL Mighty words from the spammer who can't make up their mind on where they are located!!


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          I have to agree that creating something from scratch is harder but more rewarding in the long term. Why would I spend thousands of dollars on buying something that is probably not a successful as it should be in the first place? We have a project in mind that if pulled through will definitely be a game changer. I come from a poor family and I know the importance of having something that you can rely on yourself without being dependent to an employer. We ran a good concept testing with the help of <removed spam> and Silicon Valley is waiting for us. I'm really excited over this.
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            You signed up on this forum, to question an offer made almost 4 years ago?!? I smell a rat, or maybe it's the stench of a dirty spammer!!

            Just give me one good reason


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              Everyone on the Internet is trying to sell something. Let people have their say in this discussion.


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                Originally posted by martinezsophie View Post
                Everyone on the Internet is trying to sell something. Let people have their say in this discussion.
                mmmm let me think about that....... NOPE .... Good bye!

                It's not a discussion for you spammers, only reason you are here is to spam the forum. Plus your details are listed on, so goodbye!


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                  <removed entire post for spam>
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                    Originally posted by JoanRees View Post
                    Why sell the business if it is successful? But as I can understand from the date of the post, you probably already sold it.
                    Why post on a five year old post?

                    The OP states clearly "been a reseller for a while now and i want to persue a different business". Why does it matter? Some people are close to retirement and just don't want the stress of "looking after" customers.