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New reseller looking for your feedback

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  • New reseller looking for your feedback

    Hi there

    We just set up and would like any feedback on the pricing / products we set up.

    I see some resellers offering 20 MySQL databases in their smallest package?? I'm not really sure why a company would need more than one database for their website.

    The reason for our lowest package having no databases is that if it is an entry level business they would probably bee using their next door neighbour to build a small static site in frontpage or something - if they can afford to have a proper site developed, surely they can go a step up. Your thoughts?

    Any pointers on some good directories / other websites to get listed on?

    Also, has anyone used the API yet? If so could you post a link? (need to sell one more package before we're allowed to use it).


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    another template site


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      more interested at this stage in any thoughts on the packaging
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