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Tactics for Maximum Adsense Profit

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  • Tactics for Maximum Adsense Profit

    As many marketers know, adsense can be one of the most enticing sources for website revenue. Here’s a few ways to maximize upon the possible profit:

    1.) A tracker Software
    This is a big tip in regards to increasing Adsense profit, because the installation of an adsense click tracking software does a few vital things for your website.
    a.) the software will track the IP addresses from which the users click to whichever adverstisements they click on, and thus stores this info for future analysis.
    b.) tracks vicious hits, and reports them to Google.
    c.) the click of advertising sites, IP users, the advertisements address, and the clicking on time.

    2.) Invalid Clicks and Malicious Clicks
    As mentioned in the first strategy, having an adsense tracker can trace vicious hits, such as the clicking on an ad for a particular IP. To prevent your Adsense account from being suspended, it would be vital to promptly report these clicks, and thus tracking them will be of the upmost importance.

    3.) Color-Matching/ Number & Color/Adsense Location
    The third strategy for maximizing profit in Adsense would be the location of your Adsense. Adsense could be placed on several advertisements to increase your advertising exposure. Of course, the proper location would make a big difference in relation to the users attention and thus the click through rate. For example, the largest pieces should be placed as advertismenets in three blocks and one link advertising, with the advertising being placed on the top of the page in order to get a higher hit rate.

    In regards to Color-Matching, it is psychologically tested that a consumer; in this case user, will be more responsive when the colors match in order to form a sort of branding pattern in their mind. For example, McDonalds uses red and yellow, in their sign, in their straws, and in many of their campaign advertisments. Thus, on your website, the background color and text color to the overall color of the site should match, and at the same time it would improve the quality of your user’s browsing experience while enhancing the hits upon your site.

    4.) Preventing Through Rules
    Preventing an account suspension is of course vital to increasing longevity and revenue through time. Thus, this goes into following the rules of Google Adsense, and that consists of not clicking on your own adsense advertising, and not changing the Adsense code. There are many other rules to follow that will insure the avoidance of having your account banned but these are two general ones that if followed can keep your extra or full time income around longer.

    5.) Evidence for Longevity
    Lastly, providing your proof to remain innocent. The main reason for tracking your data through Adsense software in the first place is to provide your statistical data in case of an anomaly in regards to advertising hits. By tracking your data, you can always promptly notify Google officials by submitting this data and thus keeping your innocence as an Adsense advertiser.

    In short, there are many guidelines to follow and strategies to implement to maximize your Adsense income. As Google has countered many marketers through Google Adwords throughout the years through its slapping of campaigns, it is always a good thing to stay on Google’s good side. Being more effective in Adsense entails attaining and continuing a good relationship with Google. Doing so, will not only ensure longevity as an advertiser but increase the opportunity to maximize Adsense income in the present and future too.

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    thanks for great tips


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      Wow, this really useful information in your AdSense account is to be trying. This sounds more and more we are using AdSense account and we can easily manage them. With us regarding this information Thank you for sharing ...


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        Thanks for the great information.. I keep looking for this kind of stuff.

        However, I have been trying to earn from Adsense but I didn't reach even $100 so really I need to learn first.


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          Hello Friends.......

          Thanks for the great tips.Actually i was looking for this wonderful information on the net.I hope this will help many more like me.

          Have a nice time ahead.



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            My advice is to post AdSense Ads on every non-affiliate page that you have.It's free money, for the most part.I would not post AdSense ads on any affiliate "money" pages, however.I have been working with adsense on quite a few years though the tactics you have told are some what i haven't tried to optimize my earning.


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              Sounds good,
              These points are very helpful to boost up your adsense profits.
              Thanks for this brilliant post.


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                Nick, really contributing well here at RSP forum. Thanks!


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                  I think it's very good,thanks a lot!
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