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  • Profits to CPA Marketing 101

    Anyone who has been around the Internet Marketing world has heard of “CPA”. What exactly is CPA? To state it clearly, CPA refers to “Cost Per Action”. Cost Per Action simply means that your reader has to take a specific action on your site, such as clicking a link, requesting a free sample, or entering an email address. To sum up, CPA is the process of generating leads for an advertiser.

    So how does CPA work?

    Registering with a CPA network is the 1st step, and afterwards you could pick one or more of the offers available. Offers differ in that there are free ones and paid ones. The paid offers signify that in order to get paid the visitor has to purchase a product or service. The free ones consist of people entering data or performing a general action. Usually with paid CPA offers you can expect to make anywhere from about $5 to $50; thus, the payments are often greater than the free ones. This doesn’t mean the free offers aren’t worth it though, because they can make up to $1 to $5 a lead.

    Promote a CPA offer?

    CPA is all about traffic. You have to drive masses of traffic to your advertiser’s site. It’s similar to affiliate marketing as well, in that you’ll be given a unique id in a special link…much like Clickbank. Everytime someone performs the actions or buys the product you’ll get paid through the id/link system. However, each offer has its own requirements as to what kind of traffic you can use; whether its search engines, your own website, or social media. Requirements aren’t anything to worry about as the offers usually give this information when you choose to promote.

    What’s a CPA Example?

    An easy example of a CPA offer would be a banner for a free walmart gift card. Let’s say an ad reads “$1000 FREE WALMART GIFT CARD!!”. That is what a CPA offer looks like. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’re promoting this offer, then all that would have to happen for you to make money is for a visitor to click on the ad and put his or her email address in…and you get paid about $1.20 or so. That’s an easy strategy to generate massive commissions over time, simply because “Email Submit”; what this CPA offer is referred to, is amongst the easiest to convert.

    In short, making money quickly is possible with CPA. But, CPA is unpredictable, and mostly due to the constant changes of advertisers and their offers. So it’s not likely to take an offer and run with it forever. But a great thing is you can start a CPA offer as fast as the last one. To succeed in CPA, education and the right techniques would be the best way to get better results and make more money in less time.

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    thanks for this,, another 101 from nick lol