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How to increase twitter followers?

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  • How to increase twitter followers?

    I know there are a lot of tools, but i want to ask your all how i can increase my followers without using these tools. Because most of the tools are paid, if you have any suggestions to increase my twitter followers ethically please share with me.

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    Keep updating your post and there is not any technique to increase your followers, you have to do it by your own follow people manfully and they will follow you in return.


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      making twittes and communication with other members are nice way to increase good followers of your site. start following other they will do same and also keep make twittes which is really amazing for the people


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        There are also lots of options are open to get paid followers. I suggest you to maintain distance from all these activities and increase efforts in natural ways.


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          Paid likes/followers on FB/Twitter are really not the way to go. Especially considering the fact that both social networks are actively deleting fake users on hourly basis. At the end its not going to do you ANY good and you would have probably spent a substantial lump of money for nothing. As he said stay way from them


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            Make your tweets interesting and worth while following. There is nothing worse than subscribing to a very boring person who is tweeting what they had for breakfast (same every morning) or the last time they visited the toilet!

            Myself, I tend to follow people with the same interests so I can learn from them or certain technology projects like the RaspberryPi computer. I also like following funny people who can turn everyday boring stuff into something funny!

            I think the key is good, original content targeted to your audience. Do this and you cant go wrong


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              Share more interesting and useful infomation with other users, you will get more followers naturally.


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                Become famous , have a channel or a blog.Then link it to your twitter account.Give important updates necessary for your subscribers on twitter and tell them its the only place they can get them. Also link your twitter with your Facebook.


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                  You can get as many as 1000 new follower on Twitter if you do one simple thing: Follow Others.

                  About 1 out of 3 people that you follow will follow you back. Do a "Who To Follow" search using the key words of the groups that you want to follow you. Follow as many as you can everyday for a week and you will see the followers piling up. After the first week, do it only once a month.

                  I did it, and still do it, because it works.


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                    Create more followers, follow people, retweet, and add favorites. Make sure to work on websites with good pr related to your niche.