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How to increase traffic to the adsense???

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  • How to increase traffic to the adsense???

    How traffic to adsense will be imporved???
    How to make money with Adsense???
    Can you give me some knowledge about Adsense so that it will be more helpful for me.

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    Work on producing original content

    1. Blend your ads with your website
    2. Spotlight your ads
    3. Stop putting ads in out-of-reach place
    4. Don’t separate your ads from your content
    5. Don’t make lots of out-of-topic posts
    6. Find high-paying keywords
    7. Don’t clutter
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      Start work for helping people and write good content and shared from your blogs. You can also work on News related website like you can work on current trends and live news...It is helping you to increase your website traffic and once your traffic increased your Adsense earning will increase automatically..



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        Mostly people do black hat for getting lots of traffic,and get negative result like adsence should keep with white hat,although its take time ,but at the end you can attain your specific goal.


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          To increase revenue from adsense, you have to increase relevant traffic. With the help of relevant traffic you can sure have good clicks to your ad sense and you will earn.


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            On page and off page SEO will bring more traffic to your site, then put adsense scripts in the best desplay place in your conent.


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              Try ad affiliate programs or ad networks such as ReachJunction, cj.


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                Google AdSense is a popular way for many websites and blogs to earn money.

                1. Content (focus) is still King. Google AdSense displays ads on your site that relate to the keywords it identifies and picks out from your Web pages and blog posts. This makes sense, since Google AdSense is assuming that people reading your content may be interested in buying the products discussed in your posts.

                2. Choose your keywords carefully. You may have several keywords in mind for your Web site or blog.

                3. Marketing is queen. Most visitors to your website or blog are only coming to read your content rather than to make you money. Generally, you may estimate that only 2% of your total visitors will ever click on Google AdSense ads. Even fewer visitors will actually make a purchase through your website.

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                  If you want to increase the traffic on the website I feel you have to put some informative content on your blog with info graph, it helps users to understand things very quickly and easily.

                  If possible please provide video which explains your thoughts.

                  Hope it will help you


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                    One of the most effective ways in increasing your site is submitting your pages to google index and I think its for free, and see how google sees your website.