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How about changing the category (Site Studio) to the new Site Builder

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  • How about changing the category (Site Studio) to the new Site Builder

    Site Studio is effectively not available since the new Site Builder has arrived. Posts on Site Studio are so old that they should all be deleted. When you have a category that is no longer needed and very old posts it appears abandoned and neglected. Doesn't garner any enthusiasm for new users, does it? With a new category named Site Builder we can have a place that we can go and ask questions to the community about the new web building app.

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    That is incorrect. Site Studio is not available only for new accounts... hence the legacy SiteStudio information will remain as it is until SiteStudio is being used.


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      I understand that. But don't you think that the category here on Site Studio has lost its usefulness. Wouldn't it make more sense to be changed to Site Builder? I have been here long enough to remember when the category on Site Studio was started. Isn't it time to quit beating a dead horse and get on the new thoroughbred?

      This forum used to be a place for lively discussion but look how it has changed. Most posts in the entire forum are months or years old. I ask that we upgrade one category and I am dismissed off hand without any consideration for my request. That's okay, my feelings aren't hurt. I've been treated a lot worse over the past two thirds of a century that I have been around.
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