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Problem with RSP plugin and Wordpress 4.2.1

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  • Problem with RSP plugin and Wordpress 4.2.1

    I have updated my resellers site today to version 4.2.1, but after the upgrade I'm getting a Internal Server error 500. Basically the RSP plugin keeps changing my .htaccess file to the following, which causes the error.

    # BEGIN ResellersPanel
    ErrorDocument 400
    ErrorDocument 401
    ErrorDocument 403
    ErrorDocument 500
    Anyone getting the same problem?

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    Hi Clive.

    I have tested the ResellersPanel plugin with the WordPress 4.2.1 but have not noticed anything unusual.

    I have tested that on new WordPress Store installations, as well as upgrading the WordPress from 4.0 to 4.2.1.

    Do you have the path, after the error codes, such as:

    # BEGIN ResellersPanel
    ErrorDocument 400 /error-400-bad-request/
    ErrorDocument 401 /error-401-authentication-required/
    ErrorDocument 403 /error-403-forbidden/
    ErrorDocument 500 /error-500-server-error/

    These should be working.

    Best Regards,


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      The upgraded plug-in keeps changing it back and causing my site to go off-line with a 500 Internal Error. I spent most of yesterday trying to get my reseller site back on-line like it was before the upgrade, but couldnt. Even with a brand new install (new wordpress files, db, theme and plug-in) the plug-in is still causing problems, see the screen-shot below

      After losing my temper with it, I have decided to ditch the plug-in as I'm sick of it overwriting my content (despite me checking the boxes not to) and changing my .htaccess file. I was very happy with the old site, but now find myself having to take the time to redesign a whole new site, whilst up to my ears in other jobs. Not very happy about that!


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        I have seen the over-lapping issue with PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6

        Which PHP version you are using?

        We can try and restore the website from a backup, is it Hosted on your VPS?

        If you want, you can open a Ticket and we will help you straight away.

        Best Regards.


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          I'm using PHP 5.5 and have been for months now. Why only now after an upgrade would it start doing this?

          I had a ticket opened yesterday #1456830, but I didn't know that the technician was also working in the same folder and I wiped it. I was tired and angry and decided to close the ticket before I totally lost my temper. On EVERY install (both a fresh and from backup) the plug-in inserted new pages and content into the site, despite me ticking the boxes for it not to!


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            Hello clivejo.... looks like a corrupted install. whats going on is not a overlapping issue but rather more text is being shown in the header banner than css will allow and throws the whole page horribly out of alignment... I have made it happen adding marketing text to the php file for the header banner.... Look at the text in the banner you have multiple features replicating 3 to 4 times each in your screenshot and couple instances are for vps / dedicated services (ram). look in the plugin for the file for the header banner... that is probably what is corrupted..... bad syntax maybe.... does all your header banners do this on every page?

            I have also upgraded the plugin on the themes that have multiple home pages and after the upgrade had same problem... solution was to just select the same homepage i was using before the upgrade....
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              Mr Donerite,

              It appears Tom was spot on. I thought it was a problem with the plug-in corrupting my install, but I upgraded my PHP to 5.7NG and everything is working now

              Im not sure how or why the PHP version makes the plug-in do this, but it is worth a mention in the plug-in installation guide and/or making sure all the technicians/support staff know about it. I spent hours trying to fix this, installing and re-installing when the solution was so simple!

              As for the .htaccess problem, that was caused by previous settings of the RSP plugin being blank. Every-time the plug-in refreshed itself, it made the changes to the .htaccess file and put my site off-line. I have yet to find where the plugin stores these settings (either a file in the plugin folder or in the database) but it re-installing the plug-in and deleting its folder seems to have resolved it.


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                I am glad to hear that the problem has been resolved.

                I have to say I have no idea what is so different in the PHP versions either, however there were problems with the ResellersPanel plugin and the previous PHP 5.7 build, but with the current build it is working so I can presume it is something really small.

                I will make sure to let my colleagues know about that, thanks.

                Best Regards,


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                  How do I prevent the plugin from adding all the new content? Thankfully, it hasn't overwritten my custom content this time, but it has added about 100+ new pages into the database which I dont want!
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                    Glad that got resolved clivejo..... Im not using NG yet but I am using the most recent stable php version..... curious it does that on random sites.. I do not know how to keep the extra pages out of the database clivejo they are there by default is all I know lol