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How to add a blog to reseller wordpress

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  • How to add a blog to reseller wordpress

    I'm using the reseller Home 4 theme. I would like to add a blog. I see where to create post in the admin area, but don't know where to access the post from the website. Ideally I would be able to add a menu button to the navigation top menu. It doesn't appear that the menu can be edited > appearance > menu function.

    Any suggestions?

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    I figured it out. You have to completely rebuild the menu.


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      I'm sorry, I dont know how this is done. Would you mind explaining step by step how you did it, maybe it will help other resellers if they come across the same issue.


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        Basically the top and bottom navigation menus that come with the original install of the reseller panel WordPress can't be edited. However, they can be replaced.

        1. So you use the appearance > menu builder in WordPress. Create a new menu. You can look at my top nav at for example.

        2. I created a menu and named it top nav.

        3. Then I set the primary menu to my new top nav menu in WordPress. Once you do that, you replace the default top nav menu that came with the original RP install.

        4. You then have access to all the pages that RP created to add to the menu. So you basically rebuild the menu.

        5. To add blog to the menu.

        --- Create a blog post.

        -----Create a category to assign the blog post to.

        -----Assign that category to the menu. (alternately you could assign one category, and a bunch of child categories to display a drop-down from the menu, which is my plan)

        Presto, you now have a link to your blogs displayed prominently.

        I currently do not have my blogs attached to the menu. I'm not finished with the post content as of yet. However, I did create everything I just described and tested it out, and then removed it from my menu until I'm ready to add them back.

        My next step will be to rebuild the bottom menus. My RP WordPress allows for 4 custom menus. One primary (top nav) three secondary, (bottom navs). I'm using Home 4. So the other ones may be a little bit different.



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          ahhh yes, the menus have to be replaced! Initially, I did actually rewrite them within the plugin, which is not a good idea! (They get written over on upgrading the plugin)


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            Very nice job skeeterz71 I like the way you have the free extras setup. Looks great!


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              Thanks I hope some potential customers will like it too!