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OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers with higher CPU quotas and lower prices

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  • OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers with higher CPU quotas and lower prices

    Today, we have made a major update to our OpenVZ virtual private servers.

    After a thorough analysis of the recent trends on the virtual hosting market, we have updated our OpenVZ VPS packages to help you offer a more competitive product to your existing and potential customers.

    A CPU uplift of all OpenVZ VPS packages is the first major update. As you can see in the table below, we have considerably increased the CPU share for all of the packages:

    To further boost the competitiveness of the OpenVZ-based virtual hosting packages, we have scaled down the prices of all packages between OVZ01-OVZ07 as shown in the table:

    We have also updated the default retail prices on behalf of all the resellers who have not yet set their custom prices.
    Next Monday, February 17, at 12 AM GMT, we will also update the current retail prices for the OpenVZ VPSs set by the resellers on their stores. Also, we will decrease the maximum retail price for each OpenVZ VPS package as follows:

    After that update takes effect, you will be able to immediately re-adjust your pricing the way you like within the new price window.

    We hope that this new major update to our OpenVZ VPS packages will take your efforts to offer a trustworthy and affordable virtual hosting service a few steps further.
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    Awesome! I look forward to doing some work with these!


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      When do the changes take effect? I've just received invoices for renewal of the VPS services at the old wholesale price. I was expecting the new prices to kick in on the 17th Feb as per the blog article?


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        Ok, so if you pay by monthly reoccurring payments you will have to cancel the payment to get the new prices. The re-occuring payments, once set up, cant be changed because its like an electronic contract. This would also be true if the prices increased.

        To check this, you need to log into your Hepsia CP go to My Account > Recurring. If there is an active payment this needs to be cancelled and then you will need to setup a new one for the next payment.