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    Lol its isnightful how ? Because you found 10 companies that don't offer free trials ? Perhaps you should research how Digital Ocean tripled their client base by offering free vps boxes for a month... rather than your babbling without fact. You have no idea of their margin nor ours, you have no idea how many clients they have nor how many we have attracted in % to when we weren't offering free trials. You are just talking out of your ***** right now without any knowledge or facts or data to backup your statements... In any case offering free trials or not is not up for discussion, take it or leave it I really can't care less.


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      Originally posted by vrepub View Post
      I have checked the following...

      - Sitegr
      - Inmot
      - HG
      - Dream
      - Blue
      - S5
      - iPag
      - GreenG
      - Jag PC
      - A2
      - GD
      - WPEng

      No free trials to bee seen. I guess they missed the Free Trials Increase Sales Over MBG memo?

      Please post any that you find/know of.
      NOTE: "Free" trials that require a credit card information don't count (although I have yet to find any of those, either).

      Far as I'm concerned those are individual companies that have been established for years and have done their own marketing tactics over those years to build their client base and reputation. You have to remember RSP has been in the reseller business 15 years and have worked hard to build their own reputation and reseller client base. However The new reseller that signs up has 0 reputation and 0 clients most of the time and also most of the time with a low budget for marketing much less hire any staff. RSP is taking a huge hit on resources and manpower for providing client side support alongside providing free trials to give a new reseller a great promotional incentive for new customers to try the services of a new reseller with reputation or not.

      I give thumbs up for what RSP has done and I thought it would be obvious as to why they done it.

      Sorry to jump in on it like this Yav but had to give my opinion. If I'm off base correct me as you always do!

      PS GD is not one to throw in here for comparison. GD made themselves taking huge losses offering unreal domain name promotions, not promoting hosting. Their hosting SU*CKed until they purchased Media Temple and adopted their control panel IE moved towards pure cPanel itself. Their are a few GD resellers in here maybe 1 or 2 will jump in.
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        Fair enough.

        Oh, ans sorry if my posts came across as harsh or anything like that. That was not my intention and I apologize if it seemed that way.