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Ungently!! Needing technical support to accept as payment method to earn $10

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  • Ungently!! Needing technical support to accept as payment method to earn $10

    Hello,everyone is now starting an awards program for merchants. Once your website support Stupid Spammer and add Stupid Spammer as your payment processor, you can get $10 awards. Once you sucessfully to recommend another user to support Stupid Spammer, you can get $5 awards. my referral link: <referal link>

    Well, the thing is, I have a website and have applied to become a Stupid Spammer merchant. But our website is based on WordPress, which is urgently needed pluging of based on this platform.I have wrote to Stupid Spammer and asked them to provide me Wordpress Plugin that integrated with Wp e-Commerce shoping cart, the reponse from them is:" please confirm that what you need from is an SCI PHP form."

    Because I didn't mastering web programming well, so i can't confirm that whether the php form sci or other form like jave, html is what i need to integrate to my shop. Anyone here has suffered from a same doubt, or who
    give me some suggestions about this? thanks very much!!
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    You dont master spelling well either! But you have the art of spamming down to a T, well done!

    I have urgently escalated your technical support request, helped along by my boot.
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      LOL...Nice edit clivejo!!!


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        Do I need to ship you a rag and polish for the toe of your boot clivejo? What color? Choose wisely, your across the big water.


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          I love seeing these spam posts crop up every once in a while, LMAO!