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    Hi Daniel,

    I had a look at your custom website from your forum signature included here:
    Daniel Briere, CEO - Duocenter Web Hosting Company | freezoka
    Simplicity in Web Hosting [tm]
    8005 Creighton Pkwy | Ste C-201 | Mechanicsville, VA 23111-4594
    Down the bottom of your site, you have the information in the attached image.

    Which says:
    You may have heard of us previously as the LiquidNet Ltd. Web hosting company, ********** Web hosting company, or ResellersPanel Web hosting company.
    I'm not sure it's a good idea to imply you are LiquidNet or ResellersPanel and have changed name. I posted this here so Oliver can post his opinion about whether it's appropriate or not.

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    Hmmm... if I were a potential customer and seen so many "previous company names" listed my suspicions would be aroused, why so many changes? did the businesses fail?
    Rather than making your business sound more established IMHO it makes it appear to have had a rocky or questionable history.

    Just my 2 cents.....


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      I can actually clear that up for you. I used the exact same text on my GWB custom site a couple of years ago, with permission from RSP (Vasko, I believe).


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        Considering how our program work, I think that it is OK to use this text. However, I cannot promise that we won't ask you to remov it if we decide at some point that it is damaging in some way our company or is misleading customers. But as far as we are consirned at this time, you can leave it as it is.


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          Thank you for verifying that, Oliver.


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            Okay cool =) Glad to hear it's approved. I may use that marketing idea in a new enterprise i'm starting and see if it's worthwhile.
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              That was one question not worth asking, IMO.

              The invoices state that you:

              1. Are a partner of LiquidNet. Ltd and,

              2. You operate on their behalf

              Although the above is a contradiction, no one seemed to care. Seems to me that if RP considers us a partner with the companies mentioned on The Stealthy One's web page, then its safe to assume he can refer to them in marketing materials, etc.


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                Yup Oliver cleared it up thanks =).


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                  Yup... just emphasizing that, because of the conflicting statements on the invoices, you would not need to ask permission to use any names or marketing materials.


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                    I think it is good they asked. If resllers panel had a problem with it i would not like to find out the hard way.

                    I do not think i would add it to any site. It does look strange with so many companies listed.


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                      I think it is misleading, it's ok to refer and mention LiquidNet Ltd , ********** and resellerspanel. However, the way I read that page, it appears as though LiquidNet Ltd , ********** and resellerspanel have changed their names.
                      I feel it should say "we were/are in association with LiquidNet Ltd , ********** and resellerspanel" or something like that.
                      I'm a reseller and I was never known as LiquidNet Ltd , ********** or resellerspanel, I am associated with them.



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                        I guess thinking about it the way roboba has highlighted it, it could be an issue for us other resellers. Because if you claim to have changed names from LiquidNet, you reflect on us. For example on my site I say bills are made on behalf of me from LiquidNet. But if a client of mine saw your site, they would think you placed bills on behalf of me, seeing as you claim to be the new LiquidNet.
                        So your image then reflects on me, since you are affiliated with me.


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                          yes,, syownet, thank you, you explained it well.


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                            Although some of the claims here are a bit outlandish, one line can peak the interest of some reading it.

                            "You may have heard of us previously as the LiquidNet Ltd. Web hosting company, D*u*o*s*e*r*v*e*r*s Web hosting company, or R*e*s*e*l*l*e*r*sPanel Web hosting company."

                            I don't feel vulnerable to its wording. Perhaps it could have been worded differently, such as:

                            "Ducenter.com is in an exclusive partnership with LiquidNet Ltd., D*u*o*s*e*r*v*e*r*s Web hosting company and R*e*s*e*l*l*e*r*sPanel Web hosting company."

                            I have read many posts here regarding Anonymity, which many, if not all of you have made comments suggesting that anonymity is important to you. His reference to them does not scream anonymity, and that is his choice. If everyone here feels that being a commissioned affiliate is better than running your own business, than I can understand you angst. However, if you consider yourself, and your business, to be separate from the above mentioned companies, thus your own business entity, then what is on his site should have no effect you or your bottom line.


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                              Wow, don't people have something better to do than constantly stalk me? I'm flattered!

                              Anyway, I think I already stated that I had previously obtained permission from Vasko, a ResellersPanel employee, to use this text on my old custom site. It is just carried over from that.

                              Additionally, here is what my text states: "Our service has been in operation for many years now - the Duocenter platform was launched in April 2003, though we recently re-named as Duocenter. You may have heard of us previously as the LiquidNet Ltd. Web hosting company, ********** Web hosting company, or ResellersPanel Web hosting company."

                              By referring to the re-naming, I am speaking of renaming from one of my other reseller sites. When I say, "You may have heard of us previously as the .... companies", I am not meaning Duocenter was those companies - I am merely stating that the companies are offering the exact same service, on the exact same platform, and can therefore be regarded as the same as Duocenter.

                              As for using the RSP names, not only has it been approved by RSP staff members (2 of them now), but the Reseller TOS states this: "Branding – LiquidNet Ltd. authorizes the Reseller to co-brand the Services by using LiquidNet’s name and logo along with the Reseller’s name and logo.


                              Based on this thread, I can see that my choice of words disturbs at least a few of the other resellers here. So, I may re-evaluate the wording and re-word it. However, as it is approved by RSP, it is not a top priority for me.

                              Anyway, I have nothing left to say on this topic.
                              Last edited by The Stealthy One; 14-09-2007, 10:48 PM.