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New prices for .INFO domains from May 4th, 2015

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  • New prices for .INFO domains from May 4th, 2015

    The .INFO registry – Afilias, is gearing up to introduce new higher prices for .INFO domain names. The new prices will apply to both registrations/transfers and renewals and will come into force globally on May 1st, 2015. The price change will be reflected on your store(s) on Monday, May 4th, 2015.

    Why is the .INFO registry imposing this increase?
    In fact, this is the second massive price rise initiated by the .INFO registry within a period of less than 2 years.
    The previous substantial registration/renewal price lift was introduced in September 2013 when the price for an .INFO domain was increased by 10%. That price escalation gave rise to a parallel .INFO price change on the market.
    The reason for these major changes lies in the strategic plans of the generic TLD registries (Verisign also introduced a .NET price change recently) to upgrade their security & support infrastructures to the benefit of domain owners, which in turn requires substantial funding, the main source of which being namely the revenue raised by domain registrations/transfers/renewals.

    How will our .INFO prices be affected?
    Up till now, we’ve been able to withstand the price-rise push by Afilias and sustain rock-bottom prices and even keep .INFO on the free TLD list on your stores.
    The new price-rise move, however, will add another 10% on top of the current .INFO price, which is forcing us to apply the change to our pricing as well.
    Starting from May 4th, the .INFO price will increase by the amount set by the registry – we won’t add a single penny on top of it.
    Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for .INFO domains to be offered for free anymore. From that date on, they will only be available as a paid registration/transfer option.

    NOTE:.The new price will also apply to hosting plan-included .INFO domains that have been registered for free.
    In order to minimize the impact on your business, we have set the lowest possible price level so that you could still offer a competitive .INFO price on a market, which is preparing for a major price shift in the upcoming month.

    What do you need to do to implement these changes?
    The new .INFO price will be automatically reflected in your account on May 4th. We recommend that you update your pricing accordingly on that day to make sure you keep up with the profit margin that you initially set.

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