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Recent Service Interruptions in UK hosted servers

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  • Recent Service Interruptions in UK hosted servers

    Dear Resellers,

    As you may have already noticed, the .CO.UK servers supporting yours and your customers' website(s), have been experiencing several downtimes for the last few days.

    The reason for those interruptions is a flood attack whose target website we are still trying to determine. Our administrators are now doing their best to locate the threatened websites in order to eliminate the downtime-causing factor and thus to make sure that no other service disruptions will occur. The process of determining the website subject to the flood attack is divided into several stages including changes to the IP addresses of the groups of sites hosted on the server. By doing this our administrators are aiming to gradually narrow down the list of potentially endangered sites to finally locate the real flooded website.

    The procedure goes like that - our admins assign several new IP addresses to the attacked sites on the server, so that 1 IP address corresponds to a small group of sites. When the next flood attack is made - they see which IP address is targeted in particular and which are the websites at risk. Then they assign a new set of IPs to the smaller group of sites, meaning that 1 IP serves just a few sites. When a new flood attack is directed at the server we detect the attacked IP address and the range of the few potentially threatened sites. The last step then is to attach a different new IP address to each one of the few sites and wait for the new flood attack to come when the target-site will be finally located. The process of determining the website that is subject to the flood attack might take several hours, additional interruptions are possible within that period.

    In the light of the afore-stated, we'd like to kindly ask you to let us know should you have received any recent flood warnings about your website(s). It is a common practice for well-experienced malicious users (from Russia, in most cases) to start blackmailing site owners, warning them that their websites will be taken down if they do not pay a certain amount of money. When those guys get the site owner's denial - they initiate a series of flood attacks to his/her website(s), as a consequence. Unfortunately, if someone falls victim to such type of abuse - there is not much that can be done to stop it. However, if you inform us of such case involving your websites - we'll be able to react more quickly in insulating the target site and thus decrease the downtime for thousands of other websites hosted in our network.

    We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this matter may have caused to you and your online business.
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