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  • Migration of SupCenter300

    Dear Resellers,

    We'd like to inform you that we are currently migrating the content of - the server your customers site/s may have been located on, to a new data center in Sydney, Australia.

    The migration started Today, Jan 11, at 17:00 AEDT (Sydney time), and, unfortunately, will result in downtime for the websites.

    The expected downtime will be around 4 hours. On the new server, you will encounter updated versions of PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, etc.

    We are also planning to make PHP 5.3 available soon. Also, all current IP addresses (both shared and dedicated) will be updated with new ones.

    Attention: If the website's domain is hosted on that server with the "Don't Manage DNS" option enabled, you will have to manually update your A record with a new one, which will be assigned to your account, once the server migration has been completed.

    You will be able to see the new IP address in the Hosted Domains section of the Control Panel, labeled as "Default Route". We will inform you once the migration has been carried out, so that you can personally check if everything is OK with your web hosting account. If you experience any problems, don't hesitate to contact us via the trouble ticket system within your Control Panel.

    Start time: Wednesday, Jan 11, at 17:00 AEDT (Sydney time)

    Expected downtime: 4 hours

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    Update (12:45am Thursday (EST) - Time in Sydney NSW, Australia): We have finished with the migration now and the server DNSes have been updated. We are now waiting for the records propagation and some sites are already resolving.


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      We are happy to inform you that the server migration has been reported as completed!

      Start time: Wednesday, Jan 11, at 17:30 AEDT (Sydney time)

      End time: Thursday, Jan 12, at 1:30 AEDT (Sydney time)

      Actual downtime: 5 hours

      Please note that the server may not be visible from some locations yet, because of the required DNS propagation time!