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VPS server Scheduled Maintenance - Friday, Feb 3rd

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  • VPS server Scheduled Maintenance - Friday, Feb 3rd

    Dear Customers,

    We are contacting you to inform you about a planned maintenance on the server where your VPS is located for tomorrow, Friday, Feb 3rd.

    This will be related with upgrading the VPS control panel system software that will take place at 9 am UTC/GMT.

    The expected downtime is up to 30 minutes per VPS, but we cannot give you an exact time when your VPS will be updated, as we are following a dynamic schedule which is constantly updated.

    The following VPS servers will be affected: 41083, 41114, 41164, 41170, 41184, 41206, 41214, 41262, 41301, 41314, 41333, 41363, 41434, 41491, 41532, 41534, 41539, 41558, 41581, 41653, 41673, 41693, 41720, 41744

    The change is on the back-end and it affects the overall performance and stability, which are both significantly increased by the newly developed and implemented hosting platform.

    Thank you for your time and understanding regarding this matter.