Dear Customers,

We would like to provide you the following information for the server where your account is located - Suprе

Since 3 am this morning on April 26th the server is down due to hardware failure on 2 of the server HDDs.

Unfortunately those cannot be repaired and we are already in a process of setting up entirely new server to handle the information of the old one.

Once the server is ready we will start to recover each of the accounts that were located there from backup. There is no data loss expected and all accounts will be restored.

The procedure however may take up to 48 hours. We will be restoring the accounts one by one so the total downtime for each account may vary.

We are doing our best to get everything sorted our as quickly as possible.

Start time: 3 am UTC

You can monitor the status at anytime by visiting

Thank you for your time and understanding regarding this matter.