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mmmm, so what happened?

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  • mmmm, so what happened?

    Looks like you guys had a busy 12 hours and the biggest outage I have ever seen. What happened?

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    I got an email saying:

    There has been a major outage in our US data center where the whole building went in emergency mode and the electricity was completely shut down for hours. The power outage in the US data center is now being resolved and everything comes back to normal.
    But how does that explain that my sites hosted in the Finland datacenter was down?

    I was fooled to think that the idea with 4 dns:es was to create redundancy for these kind of situations. I think I have read somewhere that the nameservers are spread out on different data centers. Aren't they?


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      All my servers are in the UK and whilst the servers stayed up, all DNS failed. (I have a monitor running which pings the IP and also tests the http connection)

      I was under that impression too, that ns1 and ns2 are in the USA, but ns3 is in UK DC (Pulsant, Maidenhead) and ns4 is in Ficolo


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        Thanks for the update yav0r,

        Can you please explain why this affected the clients on the European DCs?

        Aren't the four nameservers supposed to give redundancy for things like this?


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          Thanks for the explanation and all your hard work


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            thanks for the email the other day explaining what happened. i use the free reseller program. did our hosting customers that have purchased hosting through our storefront also receive an email explaining what had occurred regarding the outage? thanks


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              Hello, we're now preparing a detailed explanatory message that will be posted in customers' Control Panels later today. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this cumbersome matter!